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Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd

We are at the forefront of the ever revolutionizing construction industry with many gigantic projects to show for it. We are a leading construction company and our main specialization/experience includes;

  • Construction of buildings, Roads, Bridges and underground tunnels.
  • General Electrical Works (Electrification, Electrical Installations and Renewable Energy Research & Development).
  • Professional Water Engineering Works (building of dams, water networking, irrigation, sewage and drainage system, erosion/flood control, and urban planning.
  • Horticultural Designs & Landscaping.
  • Estate Development & Beautifications.
  • Dredging and sand filing.
  • Thermal insulation systems.
  • Importation, installation and networking of Central Cooling and Heating Systems in Hotels, public shopping malls, Conference Centers, big office complexes and others public places in a professional manners.
  • Glass Works, Automated doors and Widow systems (Importation & Installations).
  • Providing perfect finishing in POP ceiling works, interior/exterior decorations.
  • Representation of many Spanish and European companies in the supply and installation of qualities engineering equipment in Nigeria.
  • Excavation and evacuation
  • Contractors.
  • On the basis of our vast internationally acquired experience and technical know-how, coupled with our in-depth knowledge/exposure in providing second to-non professional engineering services around the world, we sincerely wish to contribute our expertise in the infrastructural development of our great country, Nigeria.


    Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd. is mostly made up of engineering experts from Cocera Apolinar, SL, a Spanish registered Company with numerous field of experiences in Professional building/construction services. We had over the years engaged in providing engineering and construction Services for various arms of operation in España which includes Government and Private Bodies.

    Our experience ranges from consultancy services to undertaking turnkey/sub contracts. We had executed so many complete and subcontract projects and attached in this presentation are some documents with brief description of the work done in recent times for your considerations.


    Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd is made up of good technical/professional team to execute your work if considered in this project, and we have a well arranged program to hiring more capable skilled workers (if need be) for a speeding/efficient execution of your projects. Our team of experts is made up of well-trained Spanish/European expatriates and Local experts in various fields. With many years of experience in each field, professional team will not face any big challenges in giving you satisfactory services for your money because of our much accumulated experiences in similar jobs.

    With this, we proudly say that Albuixech Engineering Services Ltd is established and managed by a highly trained and experienced personnel with international exposition.


    Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd provides specialized services in engineering, procurement, construction, project design, development and management.

    Our Company is in association with reputable companies oversea (Europeans Companies) to enhancing its performance in project´s executions and the provision of highly quality/durable project delivery to our clients.

Our Statements


Our Company´s Mission is always being at the forefront of providing professional innovations and skills in this ever modernizing architectural world. While researching this modern art of engineering construction to overcome the ever growing challenges in construction industry, we never compromised on the safety of personnel and construction materials during the execution of projects.


Our Vision is to highlight some basic technicalities in engineering construction and supply industry. We inspired to be a construction giant not only in Nigeria, but a global force to reckon with in the construction industry.

Abuixech Engineering

We are at the forefront of the ever revolutionizing construction industry with many gigantic projects to show for it. We are a leading construction company and our main specialization/experience includes;


Suite D283, 2nd Floor, EDA Plaza,
Opp. Chida Hotels, Jabi
FCT-Abuja, Nigeria

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Apolinar Cocera SL 13 Calle Cuba,
67899, Cuenca Castillo de la Marcha, Spain.

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