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Completed Projects

Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd has a very qualified team of professional experts in all fields of engineering services.

Our team of experts has done many gigantic projects in various cities in Spain, these includes :

  • Construction of Municipal Sports Center, Fuentes (Cuenca) 2006.
  • Construction of 7 floor new terraced houses at Calle Huertas (Sources - Cuenca) 2008-09.
  • Construction of Industrial-Technology office Buildings in Cuenca Sepes polygono. 2010-11.
  • Fabrication and installation of iron sheets in the construction of the “Eye of Valencia” in Valencia Tourist site.
  • Construction of recreational Water park @ Calle Manolo, Valencia. 2011.
  • Rehabilitation of housing building in Calle Ortega y Gasset No. 9 (Cuenca) 2007.
  • Reconditioning of Central air-conditioning units in “Hospital General” de Valencia 2005.
  • Reform and change in street deck building at Calle Dyes No. 19 (Valencia).
  • Reconditioning 5km of several streets road in the City of La Peraleja POM 2010.
  • Fabrication of component and installations of complete Central Cooling system at Hilton Hotel, Valencia. 2009.
  • Rehabilitation of building of 104 housing units in Avenue of Spanish Music (Cuenca).
  • Reconditioning of several streets in the City of La Peraleja POM 2011.
  • Facade Rehabilitation and Housing in San Julian Park # 6 (Cuenca).
  • Waterproofing and Roofing of 8 apartment buildings in Alameda Júcar 9 -19 (Cuenca).
  • Construction of 11 Housing units in block C / Lorca (Cuenca) 2005.
  • Conditioning “City of Fountains Sources Nature” Classroom (Cuenca).
  • Glassing of “Park de Valencia” building, in Valencia.
  • Reform and reconditioning of Cover Change in C / Channels # 4 (Cuenca).

Ongoing Projects

Abuixech Engineering

We are at the forefront of the ever revolutionizing construction industry with many gigantic projects to show for it. We are a leading construction company and our main specialization/experience includes;


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