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We are at the forefront of the ever revolutionizing construction industry with many gigantic projects to show for it. We are a leading construction company and our main specialization/experience includes;

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Civil / Strutural Engineering: Overview

We offer comprehensive rock engineering expertise for the various phases of the construction process Specialist competencies includes geology, introduction of new blasting technology, grouting, rock mechanical testing, geological characterization through borehole filming HiOpTV and core mapping, non destructive testing of rock bolts RockBoltTester Rock drilling, as well as non explosive rock demolition technics that doesn't cause damage to the surroundings or enviroment Our

Our experience in water industry, helps us appreciate that DYNACEM does not damage and cause potential leaks in the bedrock Rock crushing and cutting with non explosive demolition agent is safer and more environmentally friendly than using demolition shears, hammering, sawing or explosive demolition

Our services also include design of temporary excavations and earth reinforcement

Rock & Geotechnics: Overview

Our Company, with a formidable team of experts maintained a very high standard of proficiency in project Design, Construction, Installation of highly technical materials, building of residential homes, Offices, Roads, Industrial and Leisure Parks and post construction Cleaning.

The Company has proven itself time and again by executing demanding construction projects with ease and efficiency that is required for such large projects. The Company has over the years built townships, schools, learning centers, multi stories buildings, shopping malls, administrative buildings, hostels, factories, roads, bungalows, farmhouses, research, laboratory buildings, hospitals and lots more.

We are at the forefront with regards to knowledge of modern construction applications, and have extensive experience in innovative Technologies in development industry.

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable civil construction service provider, then look no further because we have professionals that will make your dreams realities.

Pipeline & Hydrological Engineering: Overview

Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd is a reliable provider of piping and fabrication services for the oil & gas, and petrochemical industry.

We analyze, design and size any construction plans for Water supply, storm & sewage water discharge, water ponds and underground basins.

Equipped with multidisciplinary experience and talent, we deliver innovative and flexible project solutions. Hydrology and Hydrogeology are one of our company foremost areas of expertise, in which we work on everything from quick basic assessment to major complex project. We conduct water related investigations, for

project. We conduct water related investigations, for example, for construction below groundwater table, allocation of water resources, storm water runoff, impact analysis and permits for water related activities.

Architectural Design & Supervision: Overview

Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd will not only provides you with the most modern infrastructural Planning, Designs and Landscaping, we work had also to enforce and ensure compliance with industry codes, project requirements and safety regulations We compiles and report on process safety information for each project drawing

Our office, in the process of building and for other construction purposes, undertakes the preparation and supervision of engineering, technical designs studies and can also help to obtaining all building regulatory clearance and permit from the Development Control Office

Project Management: Overview

One of our major responsibilities includes the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope. We oversee all aspects of projects. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor and summarize progress of project. We can assembles, leads and prepare a circle reports for all stakeholder at all levels.

Our practices brings enormous benefits to the project owners, businesses and consumers as we always professionally work ensures that European Standard is maintained, which in turns reduce costs, enhances performance, safety and gives you best values for money spent in project executions.

Real Estate Investment and Management: Overview

Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd has a team of Real Estate investment and Management portfolio managers that provides values to our clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investors capital

We help take advantages of opportunities on the property market

Deciphering and mastering the investment world isn’t about quant models and mathematical genius It’s about working with professionals like us, with profound knowledge of the market while you have the ultimate weapon of choice at hand

We can Co finance, Develop, Market, Rent and Manage property for the owner.

Logistics & Public Transportation Surport System

Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd is a first class Engineering service contractor that specializes among others, in the Provision of innovative solution to public Transportation such as BRT, Trail systems, est. We provide, install and maintains “Generation next” E Ticketing Machines & Software, SAM modules production from our affiliate Company, Mikroelektronika spol. s r. o. (Czech Republic). We carry out Implementation, Maintenance, Customer

We help take advantages of opportunities on the property market

Company, Mikroelektronika spol. s r. o. (Czech Republic). We carry out Implementation, Maintenance, Customer support to our wide range of Customers, and when the need arises, we arrange for your staffs Training at the Company's head Office in Vysoké Mýto, The Czech Republic for free.

E-Ticketing Machines: Overview

Already present in more than 40 countries of the world, our mission remained the same; suppling the most advice and reliable transport system solutions such as Card and ticket validators, Ticket Vending Machines, Onboard computers, Turnstiles & Gate, ID registered systems, e.t.c. around the World at a very affordable cost

We help take advantages of opportunities on the property market

We design and implement complex solutions for fare collection, and IT systems, taking into account even unsaid wishes and needs of our clients.

Using up to date technology, our partner develop and manufacture electronic devices on demand.

Our characteristic features are a professional approach, client oriented support and team work of motivated and satisfied employees.

The highest use value and up top date solutions are our keys to success in the competitive environment.

We continuously increase the productivity of labor. All activities are done in order to maximize the returns from invested resources.

E-Ticketing Software: Overview

We Supply Software for AFC system management ( and FareOn Cloud

FareOn Cloud is a cloud version of FareOn application used to manage the AFC system Functions of both versions are identical, but FareOn Cloud brings following advantages

The FareOn cloud application allows the IT infrastructure to be moved to varying extents to an internet environment Various distribution models allow for partial or full cloud solutions.

FareOn Cloud saves your investment costs because there is no need to create and run your own HW and SW.

Thanks to cloud technology the system is highly flexible

Access via a web interface from anywhere with no need for installation with high speed data transfer, maximum guaranteed accessibility and high security

Abuixech Engineering

We are at the forefront of the ever revolutionizing construction industry with many gigantic projects to show for it. We are a leading construction company and our main specialization/experience includes;


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