Our Company, with a formidable team of experts maintained a very high standard of proficiency in project Design, Construction, Installation of highly technical materials, building of Residential homes, Offices, Roads, Industrial and Leisure Parks and post construction Cleaning. The Company has proven itself time and again executing demanding construction projects with ease and efficiency that is required for such large projects. The Company has over the years built townships, schools, learning centers, multi-stories buildings, shopping malls, administrative buildings, hostels, factories, roads, bungalows, farmhouses, research, laboratory buildings, hospitals and lots more. We are at the forefront with regards to knowledge of modern construction applications, and have extensive experience in innovative Technologies in development industry. When it comes to Pipeline & Hydrology Engineering, Abuixech Engineering Services Ltd is a reliable provider of piping and fabrication services for the oil & gas, and petrochemical industry. We analyze, design and size any construction plans for Water supply, storm & sewage water discharge, water ponds and underground basins. Equipped with multidisciplinary experience and talent, we deliver innovative and flexible project solutions. Hydrology and Hydrogeology are one of our company foremost areas of expertise, in which we work on everything from quick basic assessment to major complex project. We conduct water related investigations, for example, for construction below groundwater table, allocation of water resources, storm-water runoff, impact analysis and permits for water related activities. If you are looking for a reliable and dependable civil construction service provider, then look no further because we have professionals that will make your dreams


Strong Risk Management

We pay the utmost attention to risk assessment and management

Modern Equipment and Technology

The world is evolving and we at abuixech engioneering make sure we also evolve with the latest modern cutting edge construction equipments and technology

Experience and Success

Abuixech engineering as a proven track record of success and a depth of industry-related experience.

An Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Safety is very essential when it comes to construction. At abuixech engineering we take the utmost precautions and safety measures when working on a site

A Skilled Team

We have a professional team of experts in all construction and building related fields of study

A Well Conceived Plan

A good construction company must plan adequately we at abuixechengineering study our construction plans critically before executing them


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